A. Stiffler is a freelance graphic artist specializing in digital creations, mixed media and comic illustration.

Stiffler resides in Columbus, Ohio with wife and frequent collaborator K. Copeland. Together they create the ongoing comics FindChaos & ChaosLife.

Stiffler also co-wrote and illustrated Lesbians 101, an educationally inclusive web-to-print comic about lesbian sexuality.

A. has also illustrated several other comics, including the short stories Never, Forever, and Every Day.

Stiffler’s works have been featured on Australian Broadcasting Corporation productions, The Discovery Channel Blog, The Washington Post, MSN (Japan), Gizmodo and NerdApproved among many other venues.


A. Stiffler is available for commercial character design, storyboarding and other illustrative projects, as well as private collection paintings.

Personal commission information can be found here.



You may also contact Stiffler via  Contact@FindChaos.com for commercial commissions, conventions, interviews or presentations/teaches.

Stiffler is a strong advocate for same-sex marriage, LGBTQI/GSM rights, environmental issues, mental illness awareness and preserving the arts.

Stiffler is agender and creates inclusive comics and materials that are GSM-friendly.




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